We went live, once again, yesterday for our partner Strategic Solutions and shared our thoughts on how to train and re-train staff for the upcoming open enrollment season.

This session was focused on Medicare Open Enrollment but the approach and strategy we recommended would apply to any plan or seasonal event that scales up marketing and sales staff.

If you scroll down you can watch the video replay, play the audio or download the slides.

Key Takeaways

The session covered the following topics along with an interactive Q&A (this part starts at 36:30).

  • A Rapid Readiness Assessment
  • What makes Effective Virtual Training
  • Mapping Readiness Assessment to your Action Plan
  • Determining what types of content can be converted and what needs a rebuild
  • Our tips and tricks to Rapid Results

Watch the video, listen to the audio or download the slides so that you can work through the checklist and assessment for your organization!

Live Q&A [Recap]

Here’s a quick recap of the questions we answered live (these start at 36:30 in the video if you want to skip ahead for the answers):

  • Thoughts on telehealth
  • Perspective on minimizing attrition
  • The role of virtual training in minimizing attrition
  • Ideal class size for a virtual training session and lesson planning based on class size
  • The role of a producer and a producer is essential
  • Zelus’s expertise in creating and delivering virtual training within complex organizations
  • Differences between a train-the-trainer model and outsourced training delivery
  • Developing a full-scale rebuild in time for open-enrollment (this year)
  • Reporting and key metrics for in-person and virtual training sessions
  • How and why to put the learner first, particularly in the virtual classroom

Session Video

Session Audio

Download the Slides

You can grab your copy of the presentation we walked through here!

We’ll be going live again very soon and if there is anything you’d like us to discuss just reach out to us or leave a comment below.