Driving effective enterprise-wide change that transforms operations and creates a stellar customer experience

Focused on adoption and readying your organization for change through call center optimization and learning design and delivery.

Management Consulting for Business Transformation, Contact Center Optimization, and Learning Design and Delivery

We are a Boston-based women-owned management consulting firm.  Our team has served state agencies and insurers for many years to solve complex problems and plan and implement effective change.

Founded in 2004, we hold the Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification nationally by the NWBOC and are an SDO-approved supplier by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are also an approved supplier on PRF61.

Certified Woman Owned Business

Transformation – Change – Adoption

These words are often used in conversations about resolving challenges or improving an operation. Frequently, businesses are updating applications and technology as part of the solution. We partner with many organizations during these initiatives to ensure the solution solves the problem and is fully embraced by the people.

Customer Experience Consultants to Help Successfully Adopt Technology

  • Your company is implementing Technology X to improve the customer experience or drive innovation.
  • Technology X’s team is ready to start and asks for requirements and priorities.
  • You know your current processes but are struggling with how to translate that into the technology. Time is of the essence. Go-live will be here before you know it!
  • The technology team continues to ask questions that your team does not quite know how to answer. Your team’s expertise is running the operation and start-up has a different set of challenges.
  • As a result, Phase 1 often becomes about “lifting and loading” and focuses solely on the technical migration without any process improvement.
  • The process improvement never comes, because Phase 2 never happens.

This is where we come in. We focus on getting more accomplished in Phase 1. Our approach allows your team to embrace the technology and improve processes. We are experts at leveraging technology to improve your operations that ignite the customer experience. We know how to collaborate with your team and the technology vendor to provide and prioritize the appropriate requirements and User Stories. We help you become more knowledgeable about transformation by up-leveling the team’s skills and fusing processes and technology together to improve the employee and customer experience. We also ensure the business metrics sought are achieved.

This is where we help bring your business, the new technology, and your customer’s needs together to actually transform and improve the operation.

We work with our customers at an accelerated pace through collaboration and deep expertise in business process redesign, operations, customer service excellence, project management, technology implementations, and building stakeholder relationships.

Our experience allows us to target and resolve underlying problems by reviewing upstream and downstream processes as we work with our customers.

Adaptive by nature, Zelus immerses itself, across all levels, in your business. We are easy to work with, down-to-earth, fast, thoughtful, and love to immerse ourselves in the operational details.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction through Operational Excellence

By combining capabilities across our three primary service areas, we create lasting transformation for your organization.

Change Management

Achieving adoption, especially with large-scale initiatives, is hard. It requires fundamental expertise in Change Management, Operational Excellence including business process reengineering and implementation expertise, and Learning Design and Delivery. Driving adoption also requires resiliency, a sense of humor, a collaborative spirit, empathy, and kindness. At Zelus, we do all of these things. We design and install better processes, manage change, and design technology that supports operational outcomes to transform your workforce and optimize your customer’s experience. As customer experience consultants, we help drive meaningful change to operations and customer experience.

Operational Excellence

Our work is about turning vision into operational reality. Optimizing your customer’s experience requires the right people doing the right work, effective processes, and leveraging technology to best service your customers and your staff that support them. At Zelus, our process engineers design and install better processes, align the organization, and design how best to use technology to transform your workforce and optimize your customer’s experience through operational excellence.

Learning Design and Delivery

We build interactive training content and learning programs that produce results. We design content to ensure the learner can do the work after training. We focus on fusing knowledge and understanding customer motivations together with empathy. Our learning design and delivery experience produces scalable and repeatable outcomes.

We deliver training, virtually and in-person, to engage the learner and ensure the right work can be completed by the right role. Our delivery approach focuses on establishing neural pathways and building confidence through practice and action.

Zelus Consultants, Our People

We work hard to provide a culture that services our customers with excellence and services our team with opportunities to grow, learn and be challenged. We are both customer-centric and employee-centric. We value integrity, open-mindedness, diversity, inclusion, a sense of humor, and kindness.

Curious about the impact we’ve had?

Our success hinges on our customers’ success. Browse some of the highlights of our work in our Case Studies.


As the business environment continues to shift and adapt, we continuously transform our approaches, methodologies, and our own operation.

We share those insights directly with you in our Learning Hub.