Driving effective enterprise-wide change that transforms operations and creates a stellar customer experience

At our core, we are operational experts. All of our management consulting services are focused on improving the customer and employee experience.


Certified Woman Owned Business

Certified Woman Owned Business

We are a Boston-based women-owned management consulting firm. We are experts in innovatively solving complex operational problems while driving customer and employee adoption. Our team serves multiple industries including state agencies and healthcare. We know how to holistically plan and implement effective change for your people, process, and technologies.

Founded in 2004, we are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) supplier by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and nationally by the NWBOC. We are an approved supplier on the Massachusetts PRF76 contract and are experts in aligning technology to meet business needs, driving change, and providing learning design and delivery solutions for large implementations.

Zelus Services

We meet you where you are today and help you get where you want to go. Decades of experience allow our experts to quickly understand your unique challenges, the metrics you’re trying to improve, and the opportunities to deliver a better experience to your customers and people. Our speed and adaptability allow the Zelus team to help you meet your goals.

Change Management Consultants

Organizational Change Management

Achieving adoption, especially with large-scale initiatives, is hard. Change is hard because organizations don’t change; individual people do. The heart of every effective change management initiative is the ability to get individuals to first accept the change intellectually; second, agree to change their behavior; and then third, actually adopt the behavior change. Driving adoption requires a sound plan that provides the path forward for each role to move to the new solution. Equally important are change agents that are resilient, kind, empathetic, and possess a sense of humor.

operational Excellence

Operations Optimization

Our focus is to turn vision into operational reality. Achieving optimization is complex. It requires a fresh and forward look at the operation. What are you trying to achieve? What is preventing you from reaching the outcomes you desire?  We identify why processes are ineffective and inefficient, the burdens your employees and customers face, and how your technology can be updated to fuel performance excellence. We use that information to build solutions that optimize your operation and improve metrics.

Learning Design and Delivery

Learning Design and Delivery

“It is not enough to do your best, you must know what to do, and then do your best.” Edwards Deming, Leading Thinker in the Field of Quality

As the speed of change continues to accelerate, people need to be able to learn to do new things quickly. We build interactive training content and learning programs that ready people for success in their roles. Our creative team quickly assesses your needs and develops and delivers effective learning in the right mode and for the right amount of time to achieve your objectives. We drive immediate adoption through applied learning PLUS laughter PLUS a sprinkle of confidence along the way.

Are you a Massachusetts employer looking to improve training programs?

You can improve your teams’ skills with a grant from the MA Workforce Training Fund Program!

Our Learning Design and Delivery services qualify for WFTP grant funding up to $250K annually to help you accomplish your goals.

Massachusetts businesses have access to Workforce Training Fund Program (WFTP) dollars to improve employee skills. Learn more about the program here.

Zelus Consultants, Our People

Zelus Consultants, Our People

We work hard to provide a culture that services our customers with excellence and services our team with opportunities to grow, learn and be challenged. We are both customer-centric and employee-centric. We value integrity, open-mindedness, diversity, inclusion, a sense of humor, and kindness.

Curious about the impact we’ve had?

Our success hinges on our customers’ success. Browse some of the highlights of our work in our Case Studies.


As the business environment continues to shift and adapt, we continuously transform our approaches, methodologies, and our own operation.

We share those insights directly with you in our Learning Hub.