Operational Excellence Consultants

Efficient and effective operational processes buoyed by the right technology drives customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and fuels growth. Building and maintaining this platform in today’s fast-paced world is not simple. It requires a focus on innovative problem solving, driving adoption, and a continuous learning approach.

– Carol Fahy, Zelus Founding Partner

Helping you achieve the promise of tomorrow in your operation! Like a stack of blocks, every move you make impacts the next – your team and your customers.

Our operational excellence services are designed to support you through decisions of all sizes. Contributing a fresh, customer-centric perspective at the beginning of a digital and business transformation allows you to accomplish your goals faster. By getting things right the first time, you save money, time, and a whole lot of frustration along the way. Business process optimization can take your business to the next level through enhanced process and procedure.

Our operational excellence capabilities span business process optimization/reengineering, implementation leadership, contact center optimization, digital transformation, and agile product management.

We’ve made our business getting things right for your business through operational excellence.

Change Management and Operational Excellence Capabilities

Business Process Reengineering & Digital Transformation

We collaborate with you to analyze current operations and create a future state that helps you achieve operational excellence. We dig into your current business processes to identify gaps and issues and uncover improvement opportunities. We utilize critical thinking, detailed data analysis, and our operations experience and expertise to craft the recommendations to move your team forward.

Implementation Leadership

We lead the team to achieve the desired business outcome. What is the business looking to achieve and how will the achievement be measured? Implementation strategy, project planning, team leadership and guidance, problem resolutions and stakeholder management are aligned to your project vision. We can help you get your ducks in a row.

Contact Center Optimization

It all starts with your customer. We identify what will delight the customer, and build strategies to optimize the business processes, align the technology and improve the way people work. Launching or improving a contact center requires careful planning and flawless execution to ensure a quality customer experience. Our team ensures that contact center improvements and digital transformation work cohesively.


Agile Product Management

Embarking on a project to improve your Operations? We can help.

Zelus has operational change management experts that can develop and communicate your strategic product vision, roadmap, release plan, and user stories along the way, and lead the project to a successful conclusion. As operational excellence experts, we keep your business running effectively while implementations are underway.


Curious about the impact we’ve had?

Our success hinges on our customers’ success. Browse some of the highlights of our work in our Operational Excellence Case Studies.


As the business environment continues to shift and adapt, we continuously transform our approaches, methodologies, and our own operation.

We share those insights directly with you in our Learning Hub.