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We recently published a three-part series on Virtual Learning. As a result of the pandemic, many organizations that never planned for remote operations and employees had to adapt quickly to survive. In each part of this series, we share insights and actionable tips from years of designing engaging learning programs and delivering those programs in a variety of formats.

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Staff Re-Training to Meet the New Challenges of Open Enrollment [Live Webinar Replay]
Learning Design and Delivery
This morning we went live and shared our thoughts on discovering the 'can do' path with all of the 'can't dos' surrounding us right now. Check out this post to review the key takeaways and watch or listen to the full session replay.
Discovering the 'Can Do' Path in a 'Can't Do' Environment [Live Webinar Replay]
Operational Excellence
This morning we went live and shared our thoughts on discovering the 'can do' path with all of the 'can't dos' surrounding us right now. Check out this post to review the key takeaways and watch or listen to the full session replay.
Working from Home Quick Tips for Success
Change Management, Operational Excellence
Here are the top 4 tips we share with new hires about being successful when working from home. Use these to help set your pace and prevent getting stuck!
Evolved Journey Mapping and Accelerated Learning
Learning Design and Delivery, Operational Excellence
Leveraging journey mapping differently and focusing on training to instill empathy allows your agents to collect and leverage sentiment in real time and create lasting relationships with your customers. Before I share our approach to journey mapping read my last post on Building Human Connection and Why Sentiment is the Core. Journey Mapping Since 60% […]
Building Human Connection and Why Sentiment is the Core
Operational Excellence
How do you build meaningful emotional bonds and a human connection with your customers? How do you understand the status of your relationship? To accomplish this and become a real advisor to your customers you have to make customer intent and sentiment priorities of your organization. The outcome of your entire organization is visible in […]
Top 5 Traits of an Exemplary Trainer
Learning Design and Delivery
Are you looking to hire or become an exemplary trainer? Top training professionals are in high demand and are critical for successful projects or rollouts. Being an exemplary trainer is not rocket science. There is a formula used to become or select these elite training professionals. When I look to hire trainers, I am selective […]
Your Company's Brand is heard in the Contact Center
Learning Design and Delivery, Operational Excellence
Health insurance plans are more focused than ever on evaluating and maintaining their brand. Most plans are working to be more than simply a low-cost provider of healthcare or the plan with the biggest network.  For years now, we’ve seen that singularly focused strategies like that don’t work.  One of the biggest opportunities plans have […]
Don't Forget the Learning Function in your Customer Experience Improvement Effort
Learning Design and Delivery
Today, the customer experience is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In many industries, it is an elusive goal.  Industries where this is most challenging have a lot in common.  Most importantly, the work of their contact center is often complex.  The transactions are no longer, and maybe never have been simple.  Think healthcare.
Translating Industry Jargon in the Contact Center begins with Learning Design
Learning Design and Delivery
Organizations work tirelessly to create and operate contact centers that provide an exceptional member experience.  That exceptional experience is the face of their brand.  It’s never easy.  And it can be particularly challenging when the contact center is supporting a complex good or service.  Complex contact centers and the agents that work in them are […]
Evaluating Learning Programs
Learning Design and Delivery
In the February issue of TD magazine (Talent Development by ATD), my article: “5 Signs that a Learning Program Needs to Go” was featured. Here is the link to the article. Only 5 signs made the cut in the article, but I wanted to share a few more that were left on the cutting room […]

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