Working from Home Quick Tips for Success

As many of you know we’re pros at working from home, or really just about anywhere to be honest. We’ve run Zelus as a virtual company since our start in 2004. As we onboard new hires, especially those that have never worked at home, we suggest the following:

  1. Know your work priorities.
    • Create a daily checklist and be mindful of your due dates.
  2. Reach out to your colleagues when you have a question.
    • We tell our staff not to “tread water” meaning don’t dwell too long on how to do something.
    • Reach out for a quick chat or call to level-set how to proceed.
    • This is not only a good way to stay connected to colleagues, but it also invigorates and promotes productivity.
  3. Encourage your teams to connect and participate; especially the introverts in the group.
    • Make it firm guidance that all are expected to participate, not just observe.
  4. Take a physical break.
    • Get up and walk around the house.
    • Or go outside for a walk – my best “noodling” time is when I am away from my computer and out in the fresh air.

There are a ton of tools and systems out there that will also help you become a productivity rockstar when working from home but be cautious about adding too many new things into the mix at once. It’s easy to focus on learning and software and get distracted from the real work you need to accomplish.

Tackle the day with gusto and collaboration and stay focused!

If you have any tips that make you successful when working from home, share them with us in the comments below. And if you think this post can help anyone you know please share it!

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