Contact Center Launch and Technology Implementation

Case Study

A state agency responsible for launching the servicing of new benefits to constituents including standing up a contact center and implementing new technology.


The state agency is creating a digitally native and customer-centric organization to support Paid Family and Medical Leave. The agency services claimants’ applications and claims processing of benefits associated with Bonding, Medical, Caring, and Military leave.


Zelus is working with the state agency across business operations with a focus on business process design, operational readiness, staff training, and project management.


  • Define the business operation and design key processes across the claimant experience.
  • Build the operational business workflows to support staff work in vendor applications.
  • Advise operations team on process, organization, and workflow design.
  • Identify requirements for technical applications. Solution with teams to ensure requirements can be met and the system design meets the needs of the operation.
  • Test the technical applications being developed through months-long agile development program. Ensure business operations can be supported through technical capabilities.
  • Ensure end-to-end alignment of the technical applications and business operation.
  • Identify gaps and document business processes to support staff.
  • Lead business simulation testing. Prepare material for end-user testing, train testers, and execute simulations. Document results and identify gaps.
  • Create and deliver comprehensive training programs for internal staff and staff at the contact center partner.