PACE® Program

Proficiency, Accuracy, Confidence, and Empathy power an effective call center that supports strategic member engagement objectives. These are the core pillars that create our PACE® program. In our ever-changing and increasingly complex industry, your agents need superpowers to navigate the complicated world of healthcare for your customers. In fact, your agents must be superheroes.


PACE® is a turnkey solution that lets you build your legion of superheroes right in your own training space. Our solution fast tracks your agents to proficiency and empowers their inner superheroes! In 10 days, your agents emerge as superheroes ready to serve your customers.

PACE® comprehensively covers key healthcare industry components by teaching critical topics both independently and in concert with each other creating a deep understanding of how plans work. As empathy is learned through experience and practice, not scripting, we integrate empathy and a unique approach to member engagement at every step.

Let PACE® help you build a legion of superheroes!

In 10-days, PACE® creates superheroes who, like our Ms. Z (pictured above), possess a deep understanding of the health insurance industry and know-how to translate this deep understanding in a way that is approachable and educational to your members.

PACE® teaches agents health insurance while developing empathy, listening, and probing skills so they can determine what a caller is asking; and then articulate the answers in a way a caller can understand. PACE® focuses on empathy and the soft skills needed to handle complex situations ensures members receive the exceptional experience they expect.As Ms. Z’s students attest, our innovative on-boarding solution, designed to master key concepts individually and in concert with each other (i.e. Services, Member Liability and Networks), brings a state-of-the-art learning approach to your call center training space.

Upon completion of PACE®, your agents are ready to adapt as the industry changes because they thoroughly understand Health Care insurance.

Click here to hear an example of a call answered by a PACE® Superhero.

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