Training Delivery

Zelus supports large scale training efforts with skilled training delivery professionals that can learn and execute successful training efforts across a myriad of industries. Our trainers are experts in:

  • classroom management
  • platform skills
  • audience identification
  • facilitation

Our Trainers ensure that your agents absorb critical material and prepare to adopt the positive changes to come.  Each one is Zelus Certified to ensure they can support your initiatives with a Performance Thinking mindset so you will not meet a group of more qualified trainers.

Who are our trainers?

Our pool of professional trainers is one of our ‘Super Hero Powers’ when it comes to a seamless implementation of a call center roll-out or initiative. Trainers are handpicked to match our core beliefs when it comes to knowledge, experience, and passion. We are discerning and only use the savviest, most experienced facilitation experts in the industry to deliver your curriculum.

Our Trainers are:

    • Innovative and experienced, selected for their ability to learn your content quickly and teach your company curriculum proficiently allowing you  to save money, increase revenue, and promote your strategic focus.
    • Chosen for their flexibility as well as their experience effectively training and coaching adult learners, have sparkling personalities! For us, trainers that make your employees feel at ease, who are willing to go the extra mile for your firm, and ensure that your employees go home with the right skills at the end of the day are critical.
    • Passionate, lifelong learners themselves so you can rest assured that the training is student-focused. Our rigorous recruitment criteria means you get only the most qualified instructors for your sessions. Our trainers LOVE what they do.

To learn how the Zelus team can help you contact us here or say hello in the live chat on the bottom right of this page.