Contact Center Optimization

Customer Service is a Tough Job!

Customer Service has never been easy. Most customer inquiries come from customers under stress. These customers are reaching out through a phone call, chat, email, or social media because there is an issue. We believe, and our experience shows, that the key to success in serving customers is truly connecting with customers.

Our extensive experience in working with and improving the performance of call center agents, contact center projects make up approximately 85% of our projects each year, provides the expertise needed to optimize your contact center. 

We believe that meeting customer expectations is good business.  And, contact centers that succeed in connecting and empathizing with their customers develop deep loyalties with their employees, customers, and business partners.

Despite the numerous changes in customer service-based centers, including a change in terminology from call center to contact center, success always comes back to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

In response, contact centers in nearly every industry are stepping up their game as they look to delight their customers daily.  But it is not an easy job.  Changing the course of performance in your contact center, without degrading the experience while the change occurs, requires a holistic view of people, process and technology as well as careful planning and flawless execution.  Our team can rapidly assess the issues and opportunities and move seamlessly to the execution phase because contact center success is our core business. Our Optimization Assessments are brief but comprehensive. 

Let Zelus find the opportunities within your organization to up your game.

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