Business Architects

A Business Architect, a cross between a Project Manager, a Business Analyst and a Project Engineer, brings a business focus to a new operational workflow while integrating and assisting in the functional/technical design and definition of the system solution.

Business Architects participate in an unusually impactful way as they align scope definition, project design, and functional requirements across project work streams to minimize gaps and focus on delivering the predicted business value. They excel in relating the ever-difficult task of identifying, calculating, and communicating project risks and impacts throughout the organization as a whole.

Our Business Architects ensure the project meets the business outcomes and delivers the value the business needs. Key skill sets of a Business Architect include Development and Prioritization of requirements; Project Management, UAT Planning and Leadership; Launch Planning and Leadership; Risk Assessment;  and Issue Identification and Resolution.

Our Business Architects are experts in the Agile Process and can serve as Product Managers or business resources.  In any project, the job of a Business Architect is to always ask better questions and provide a forward-look of the project.

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