Multi-Site Primary Care Patient Experience Transformation

Case Study

A large regional primary care organization providing exceptional primary and specialty care services at more than 20 locations to residents of the Bronx and Westchester County.


The organization was looking to transform the patient experience at their 23 primary care offices in the Bronx, New York. They wanted to identify and prioritize the roadmap of initiatives and implement them based on priority.


Conducted an assessment across the organization and developed a roadmap of initiatives that would positively impact the patient experience across all 23 primary care offices. The client engaged Zelus to implement three prioritized initiatives valued at over $3 million in financial benefits.


  • Zelus worked with the client to:
    • Improve the CAHPS survey scores regarding timely communication of lab results
    • Implement a Shared Services team to centralize back-office administrative work to unburden the patient-facing staff
    • Improve the patient experience by aligning the right work with the right staff resulting in removing unnecessary administrative work from both clinical and non-clinical personnel.
  • To significantly increase patient satisfaction and the financial incentives received due to higher satisfaction CAHPS scores, conducted a comprehensive assessment of how (communication vehicle) and how often patients are advised of their lab results within 7 days:
    • Observed the current process; and engineered an improved process to communicate patient lab results that reduced physician review time by 75%.
    • Analyzed and developed business requirements to the EPIC application to automate the process.
    • Identified vendor print distribution solution and developed business requirements to automate the end-to-end process to print 500,000+ letters annually.
  • Conducted an operational assessment of administrative work at 23 primary care centers to identify non-patient-facing work, (e.g.: rescheduling appointments) to move from the sites to a central support team allowing sites to focus on the patient in person. Created the role and responsibilities for a dedicated central team, as well as standard policies and procedures to drive the delivery of exceptional patient experience across the organization. Developed and conducted planning and delivery of communications, training, and go-live support to drive adoption of this transition of work.
  • Conducted an operational assessment of the major patient-facing functions of the primary care facilities (e.g.: Referrals, Sick Appointments, Lab Results, Prescriptions Requests, Appointment Access) to align the right work with the right people. Streamlined the processes, aligned the use of the technology; and developed the communication and training plans for each role. Improved the patient experience through operational excellence.